Mission Statement


Our mission is simple, to present information on two levels:

  • Level One:

    Entertainment Through the use of this website we will provide information to you, to be used as entertainment through legends and stories of the Upper Peninsula, and Northern Michigan area, submitted by readers or our research department from actual investigations.

  • Level Two: Investigations

    The main reason for the UPPRS is for the research of the Paranormal. Although we are not “Professionals” in the sense of having degrees and being a Parapsychologist, we ARE “Professionals” in the sense of how we present our investigations. This is not kid’s stuff, we are not running through graveyards and old houses trying to scare ourselves. We are serious about our work and the UPPRS. We are here to try and help those who seek us out and give physical evidence of paranormal activity, or evidence of natural causes. That’s right, we will de-bunk what was thought to be a haunting. Our love for the Paranormal does not blind us to the fact that the majority of occurrences can be explained by natural causes. We look at all angles, and will give our best explanation of what is going on, and causing the events.